Our earliest known forebears were Joel Painand Mary Gould who were born around 1764 in Axbridge Somerset. We know very little about Joel and Mary so if you know something, anything, that could help us discover further details (either about them or their forebears) we would be most interested. Please use the Contact Us button above to find our email address.

Joel and Mary had 4 children that we know. The twins, George and William, who died shortly after their birth, a girl Mariah born in 1795 and George Gould born in 1797. All were born in the Axbridge district. It is George Gould Payne and his wife, Ann Andrews (aka Anderson), from whom we are all descended through their children Charles (1822-1871), George (1824-1891), RoseAnn (1826-1861), William (1827-1876), John (1831-1831), John Edward (1832-1895), Marie (1836-?), and Martha (1837-1837).

Victoria, Australia

Between 1848 and 1860, 5 Payne siblings migrated from Somerset to Australia most with their families. They were:


It appears a thirst for land drew the Paynes to Queensland. The 1st generation had set up successful farms and other businesses but there were also a lot of children; too many to expect inheritance to provide an adequate future. So to the wide open spaces of Queensland did some members of the 2nd and 3rd generations go.

New South Wales

Why this migration happened is unknown as we haven't, yet, been able to find out much about what happened with these people and their families. If you know anything please contact us:

Western Australia

In the 1890s, the Paynes had been very successful in Victoria. The 2nd and 3rd generations now trying to make their own lives and some decided that the West Australian Goldfields offered the best opportunities for them. The following left Victoria in yet another Payne migration:

Australian Capital Territory

As the ACT was not set up until 1927, these people moved much later than the others. Athough we don't yet know why they migrated we will shortly, so watch this space!!


Payne Migration