Joseph Charles Payne
Name Joseph Charles Payne, (male)
Birth Details Date & Place About August, 1846, Woodborough, Winscombe, Somerset
Baptism 23rd August 1846, Winscombe, Somerset, England
Father Charles Payne, born 1822, Axbridge, Somerset, England
Mother Mary Jane Palmer, aka Polly, born about 1822, East Brent, Somerset, England
Death Details Date & Place 11 July 1903 Maylands, Western Australia
Cause of Death  
Age at Death  
Marriage Details Date & Place
  1. 12 January 1867, Yea, Victoria, Australia
  2. 1877, Victoria, Australia
  1. Elizabeth Bamford, born 1848, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia -- interestingly permission for marriage was given by a Justice of the Peace (William Leyden) rather than Elizabeth's parents who were alive at the time. It also appears that Elizabeth was living with Joseph as the time as their addresses were the same at time of the wedding and usually. Witnesses were the groom's mother and elder brother Robert. Joseph & Elizabeth divorced in September 1875 by decree of Supreme Court of Victoria.
  2. Mary Pauline Louisa Adolphina Hanuske, (called Pauline), born 1851, Alexandra, Victoria

with Elizabeth Bamford

  1. Henry Joseph Payne, born 1868, Alexandra, Victoria
  2. Francis Thomas Payne, born 1870, Alexandra, Victoria
  3. Caroline Payne, born 1871, Broadford, Victoria

with Pauline Hanuske

  1. Minnie Augusta Payne, aft 1878
  2. Amelia Wilhelmina Payne, aft 1878
  3. Elizabeth Payne, aft 1878
  4. William Frederick George Payne, born 1883, Alexandra, Victoria
  5. Lucy Jane Payne, born 1885, Alexandra, Victoria
  6. Alice Victoria Payne, born 1887, Alexandra, Victoria
  7. Mary Louisa Emily Payne, born 1889, Alexandra Victoria
  8. Gertrude Payne, born 1891, Alexandra Victoria
  9. Dorothy Hilda Payne, born 1893, Alexandra, Victoria
  1. 1863-1875 Carrier -- Mostly between Melbourne and Beechworth but he went to other parts of the colony at times. Occassionaly he went to the diggings at Snowy River, Tambaroora (NSW), Alexandra and other places.
  2. 1875, Farmer
  3. Between 1884-1884, Alexandra Shire Councillor, Farmer & Carrier
  1. Between 1846 and 1858, Winscombe District of Somerset, England including in 1851 Yardley Way, Sidcot Hamlet, Somerset England in the same hamlet with his grandparents, aunt and cousins.
  2. 1858, Sydney for brief period before proceeding to Merriang in Victoria with parents & siblings
  3. 1859 Merriang, Victoria
  4. 1863-1884, Alexandra, Victoria though in 1867 he was living at Balham Hill, Yea near Alexandra.
  5. Around mid 1890s to death Western Australia
Religion Protestant, at birth Church of England; at marriage Presbyterian

Immigration -- on Golconda to Sydney, New South Wales. From there to the Wimmera (probably Glenorchy area) with his parents and siblings arriving in Victoria by 1861.

Land Ownership -- The original selection at Winscombe Vale was 20 acres in 1875 but this was increased to 800 acres by 1888. 120 acres are under cultivation with remainder used for grazing and diary purposes. Source The Red Gate, Alexandra Library Sutherland 1888 p330

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