Georgina Maria Payne
Name Georgina Maria Payne, (female), aka George Hannah -- probably named for her paternal uncle George and paternal sister Maria
Birth Details Date & Place 1852, Winscombe, Somerset, England -- given as Weston Super Mare on both death and marriage certificates
Baptism 15 June 1852, Winscombe, Somerset, England -- private being ill
Father Charles Payne, born 1822, Axbridge, Somerset, England
Mother Mary Ann Palmer, born about 1822, East Brent, Somerset, England
Death Details Date & Place 1 January 1937, Merton, Victoria, Australia
Burial 3 January 1937, Merton Cemetery, Victoria, Australia
Cause of Death Enteritis and chronic myocarditis.
Age at Death 85 years (age on death certificate given as 83 years but says she married at 18 years of age thus confirming the 85 years at death)
Marriage Details Date & Place 4 April 1871, St. John's Church of England, Alexandra, Victoria exactly 3 weeks before her father's death. Marriage was by licence, father having given his "written" consent. Note father was unable to write. J.H. Morris and Charles Payne (father) being witnesses to wedding and J.H. Morris attesting to Charles's mark being authentic.
Spouse Claus "Charles" Miller, born 15 March, 1840, Altona, Hamburg, Germany
  1. Mary Adelaide Miller, born 1872, Victoria
  2. Charles Ernest Miller, born 1873, Victoria
  3. Frederick George Miller, born abour 23 March 1874, Melbourne, Victoria
  4. James Miller, 1874-1874, Victoria, aged 6 months
  5. Henry Joseph Miller, born 22 March 1876, Spring Creek, Victoria
  6. Albert John Miller, born 1880, Victoria
  7. Annie Francis Amelia Miller, born 1884, Victoria
  8. Rose Helena Miller, born 9 June 1884, Alexandra, Victoria
  9. Else May Miller, born 14 October 1887, Victoria
  10. Violet Miller, born 24 August 1891, Victoria
  11. William Douglas Miller, born 10 February 1893, Merton, Victoria
Occupation Initially Miners wife and later Hotelkeepers wife.
  1. 1851, Yardley Way, Sidcot Hamlet, Winscombe, Somerset with parents, full & half siblings
  2. 1858, New South Wales for short time before proceeding to
  3. 1858, Merriang, Victoria, Australia
  4. April 1871, Growler's Gully (usual residence given as Gobur), near Alexandra. Victoria, Australia
Religion Protestant, married as Church of England, buried as Methodist

Immigration -- on Golconda to Sydney with parents and siblings, arriving in August 1858.
Education -- able to sign name on marriage certificate

Georgina and her husband Charles kept the Merton pub in the early 20th Century as well as owning land at Spring Creek.

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  2. Victorian Death Certificate, 1937/12014, signed by son William D.
  3. Other information from Jacqueline James, great-granddaughter.