John Payne
Name John Payne, (male)
Birth Details Date & Place 11 April 1846, Axbridge Workhouse, Axbridge, Somerset
Baptism Unknown
Father James Templar, 1827, Winscombe, Somerset
Mother RoseAnn Payne, 1826, Compton Bishop, Somerset
Death Details Date & Place 7 July 1925, Stawell Hospital, Stawell, Victoria
Burial 9 July 1925, Glenorchy Cemetry, Victoria
Cause of Death Senility and heart failure
Age at Death 79 years
Marriage Details Date & Place 1871, Stawell, Victoria
Spouse Isabella Keine, 1851
  1. Ann Girdwood, born 1871, Woolert, Victoria, died 1874 Stawell, Victoria
  2. Alexander Munro 1874, Glenorchy, Victoria
  3. John Henry, 1876-1877, Glenorchy, Victoria
  4. Lillian, 1877, Glenorchy, Victoria
  5. Priscilla, born 1879 Minyip, Victoria died 1881 Glenorchy, Victoria
  6. John, 1882, Glenorchy, Victoria
  7. Isabella Margaret, born 1884 Glenorchy, Victoria
  8. Flora, 1885 - 1886, Glenorchy, Victoria aged 9 months
  9. Henry, 1886, Glenorchy, Victoria
  10. Charles Goerge, 1888 - 1889, Glenorchy, Victoria
  11. Peter Glen, 1891 - 1914, Glenorchy, Victoria
  12. Louisa Ann, 1893, Glenorchy, Victoria
Occupation Initially Labourer and Groom (particularly for Mr. Henty in the Portland area of Victoria), then he managed to get a farm of his own
Residence Axbridge Workhouse, Sidcot Hamlet, Portland District of Victoria, then Glenorchy in the Eastern Wimmera of Victoria -- the family relates stories of his living in Tasmania for a period when he was in conflict with his family

Education -- John was illiterate, making his mark on his brother's marriage certificate.

Immigration -- He immigration on the Priam to Portland with his mother , his step-father , and 2 brothers.

John used the surname Templar when he married Isabella Kiene. His two eldest children were also registered under the name Templer. The eldest Ann’s death is also recorded under the name Templer.

All the other children are registered under the name Payne. Despite some misgivings, the research is conclusive and supported by certificates and documentation. Isabella Kiene did not marry a John Templar, have two children then marry a John Payne. The John Templar and John Payne who married Isabella Kiene are one and the same person, the illegitimate son of Ann Pain and biological son of James Templar. James married Ann three months after John’s birth.

It is also evident from the records that members of this family used both surnames Templar and Payne.

John spent seventy-two years in Victoria from 1852 until his death in 1925 as stated on his death certificate recorded under the surname Payne.

A story handed down through the Templar and Payne families implied that John had had a disagreement over land and moneys and this was why he changed his name to Payne. Also descendants of the Templars and Paynes in and around the Glenorchy area knew that their families were related but the how had not been explainable until now.

James Templar known as ‘Jimmy’ did at a later stage in his life tell a member of John’s family that they were related and should be Templars. This information is courtesy of Beverly Collicoat, a direct descendant of John.

Given this information, the fact that John was born in July 1846 and that James Templar and Ann Pain married just three months later it was thought by the researchers that John was possibly James’ son but there was no way of proving it.

Thanks to Beverly Collicoat’s recollection and the indisputable documented facts a family mystery has been solved.

Sources Somerset Record Office, England, Victorian BMD Indexes and a number of descendants such as Beverly Collicoat and Bev Plank (nee Templar). and Coral Alexander