James Templar
Name James Templar (male), aka Jimmy
Birth Details Date & Place 1826, Winscombe, Somerset
Baptism 6 October 1826, St. James the Great, Winscombe, Somerset
Father Stephen Templar, 1794, Newton-Banwell, Somerset
Mother Martha Highate Hancock, 1797, Winscombe, Somerset
Death Details Date & Place 23 June 1905, Glenorchy, Victoria, informant Priscilla Malone, daughter
Burial Unknown
Cause of Death Old Age, Senile Decay
Age at Death 88 years, source Vic Death Cert 1905/5503
Marriage Details Date & Place 23 October 1846, St. James the Great, Winscombe, Somerset
witnesses were John and Hannah Templar, James's brother and sister-in-law
Spouse RoseAnn Payne, 1826 Winscombe, Somerset
  1. John, 1846, Axbridge Workhouse, ex-nuptual child of wife RoseAnn though James admitted parentage in later life (not without some trauma from all accounts)
  2. George, 1848, Winscombe, Somerset
  3. James, 1850, Winscombe, Somerset
  4. Maria, 1853, Portland, Victoria
  5. Benjamin, 1856, Stawell, Victoria
  6. Stephen, 1858, Glenorchy, Victoria
  7. Robert, 1860-1861, Glenorchy, Victoria
  8. Apparently 2 other children were born, died early, and were not registered
Occupation Farmer but laterly pensioner
Residence Sidcot Hamlet, Somerset then Portland, Stawell and Glenorchy in Australia
Religion Church of England

Education -- James was illiterate. He made his mark on his brother's marriage certificate

Immigration -- James and RoseAnn, migrated to Portland, Victoria on the Priam in 1852. Their passage was paid for by Mr. Henty who owned large tracts of land in the Portland area.

The following is an extract from First Families @ Beerik, Bruk Bruk Carapook & "Muntham" Station South West Victoria, Australia

"Muntham Station" Carapook & Glenorchy, Vic, Australia

JAMES Templar, b. c.1827 _______, son of Stephen TEMPLAR and Martha HANCOCK was married in _____ to Ann PAYNE, b. c.1827, _____, England, dau of _______ and __________.

Three children were born in Somersetshire, England and the family emigrated on the "Priam" to portland, Vcitoria in 1852. James, an Agricultural Labourer was employed by Edward HENTY of "Muntham Station" on a nine month contract. A daughter Maria was born at "Muntham Station" in south-west Victoria in 1852. The family them moved to Glenorchy, near Stawell, Victoria where Ann died in 1861.

It appears that James TEMPLAR married again to Jane SAMPSON, b. c. 1847, daughter of John SAMPSON and _____ and they had additional children at Glenorchy

This extract has explained a lot ... I always wondered why/how the family moved from the Portland area to Glenorchy. Now it is apparent that their employer Mr. Henty probably asked them to move from one part of "Munthan Station" to the other.

  1. Victorian Death Certificate, 1861/9676
  2. Other information was researched with descendants of James & RoseAnn by Debby Dolgner-De L'Eyre during 2004-2006