Sydney James Payne
Name Sydney James Payne, (male), named for Sydney in New South Wales, the town the family migrated to from England in 1858. It is possible that Sydney James was either conceived there or actually born there but registered in Victoria. This, however, is speculation.
Birth Details Date & Place Between 1860-1861, Merriang, Victoria, Australia
Father Charles Payne, born 1822, Axbridge, Somerset, England
Mother Mary Ann Palmer, born about 1822, East Brent, Somerset, England
Death Details Date & Place 9 November 1925, Northam, Western Australia
Cause of Death  
Age at Death 65 years
Marriage Details Date & Place 17 July 1890, St. Paul's Church, Sandhurst, Victoria, Australia
Spouse Margaret Linane, born 7 March 1865, County Clare, Ireland
  1. Mary Ann Mariah Payne, born 3 February 1892, Alexandra, Victoria
  2. Margaret Jane Palmer Payne, born 1893, Chiltern, Victoria
  3. Joseph Sydney Payne, born June 1895, Chiltern Victoria
  4. Alice Victoria Payne, born 1897 Southern Cross, Western Australia
  1. 1860, Merriang, Victoria, Australia
  2. 1862-1892 Alexandra, Victoria then
  3. 1893-1896 Chiltern, Victoria then
  4. 1897 Southern Cross, Western Australia then
  5. later Northam area of Western Australia
Religion Protestant, married as Church of England