William Payne
Name William Payne, (male)
Birth Details Date & Place 1862, Yan Yean, Victoria
Baptism Unknown
Father George Payne 1824, Somerset
Mother Zillah Aldous, 1837, Suffolk
Death Details Date & Place 5 February 1937, Queensland, Australia
Cause of Death  
Age at Death 75 years
Marriage Details Date & Place

15 July 1884, Yan Yean, Victoria


Mary Ellen Lynch, 1863, Yarck, Victoria

  1. Zenobia Charlotte,
  2. Zillah Rosina, 1885, Yan Yean, Victoria
  3. Mary Anne, 1886, Gobur, Victoria
  4. George Joseph, 1888, Gobur, Victoria
  5. Charles Thomas, 1890, Gobur or Yarck, Victoria
  6. Sarah Jane, 1892, Gobur, Victoria
  7. Ellen Elsie, 1894, Alexandra, Victoria
  8. Louisa, 1896, Gobur, Victoria
  9. Colonel Colonial Victor, 1901, Gobur, Victoria
  10. William Edward, about 1902, Gobur, Victoria
  11. John Francis, 1905, Gobur, Victoria

The names of the first 2 children Zenobia and Zillah Rosina are Aldous family names that would have could from their paternal grandmother's family. The children's grandmother was Zillah Rosina whose name has been perpetuated through the generations on various branches of the family to this day.

Occupation Farmer

1914 Meandarra near Roma in Queensland


William went to Queensland with his cousin John (Jack) Payne to pioneer on the new grazing blocks. Unlike Jack, William stayed in Queensland.

William's wife died in Mary Ellen died in 1907, so William must have gone to Queensland on his own with at least some of their 11 children. If as I believe William and Jack went to Queensland between 1910-1912 then William's eldest son would have been 20 to 22 years old and the elder girls would have been 16 and 18 respectively and would have been able to look after the younger children (youngest would have been about 9 or 10. Quite old enough in their eyes to go pioneering.

It appears that at least some of the children remained in Queensland because they enlisted in the armed forces from there in the 2nd World War. However, as the elder girls were in their 20s when their father & siblings went to Queensland it is possible they were already married and stayed in Victoria.


Residence details from mother's obiturary published in local paper.