Mary Jane Payne
Name Mary Jane Payne, (female), aka Polly
Birth Details Date & Place 1854, Preston, Victoria
Baptism Unknown
Father George Payne 1824, Somerset
Mother Zillah Aldous, 1837, Suffolk
Death Details Date & Place 25 June 1932, "Summerview", Alexandra, Victoria, Australia
Burial 27 June 1932, Alexandra Cemetry, Victoria after inquest
Cause of Death Cancer of the liver, exhaustion. Duration months. certified by Dr. Gilbert Gocher
Age at Death 78 years
Marriage Details Date & Place 18 March 1872, by Licence, St. Peter's Church of England, Eastern Hill (Collingwood) Melbourne, Victoria (1) Celebrant was W. Holloway, witnesses were Zillah Payne (could be mother or sister), John Payne (illitereate but unable to tell which of the many John Payne's in the family it was).
Spouse George Payne, 1850, Somerset
  1. George, 1873, Alexandra, Victoria
  2. Charles, 1874, Home Creek near Alexandra, Victoria
  3. Zillah Elizabeth Jane, 1876, Alexandra, Victoria
  4. John, 1877, Alexandra, Victoria
  5. Ernest Edward, 1879, Alexandra, Victoria
  6. Reuben, 1881, Gobur near Alexandra, Victoria
  7. Aaron Moses, 1883-1883, Yarck, Victoria
  8. Phillis Maud, 1884, Yarck, Victoria
  9. Augustus Ceasar, 1885, Yarck, Victoria
  10. Nelson Gordon, 1887, Yarck, Victoria
  11. Gipsy Mary, 1889, Yarck, Victoria
  12. Blanche Lavinia, 1891, Alexandra, Victoria
  13. Jasper Budd, 1892-1892, Alexandra, Victoria
  14. Cyrus Jacob Nature, 1893, Alexandra, Victoria
  15. Silverton Silas Claude, 1894, Alexandra, Victoria
  16. Silvia Ruby Pearl, 1895-1896, Alexandra, Victoria
  17. NewYear,1897-1897, Alexandra, Victoria
  18. Maximum Noel, 1898, Alexandra, Victoria
  19. Alexandra Wilfred Bower, 1900, Alexandra, Victoria
  20. 2 further children who were not registered and did not survive
Occupation Home Duties but more importantly Polly ran a grocer, baker's and other businesses working until she gave birth, taking 3 weeks off then going back to work leaving her new babes in the care of her elder daughters.
Residence Preston, the Woodstock area, finally the Alexandra area of Victoria
Religion Church of England

Polly was illiterate and the eldest of 15 children in a pioneering family. She must have led an exhausting life because her daughter Maud states in her diary that it was her father George who would shout suggestions during the night for the care of the younger babes when they were fractious not their mother.

  1. Victorian Marriage Certificate 1872/140
  2. Victorian Birth Certificate of son Charles 1874/6431