John Edward Payne
Name John Edward Payne, aka Pain, (male)
Birth Details Date & Place June 1832, Compton Bishop, Somerset
Baptism 4 December 1832, Compton Bishop, Somerset (1)
Father George Gould Payne, 1797, Axbridge
Mother Ann Andrews, 1792, Compton Bishop
Death Details Date & Place 14 October 1895, Richmond, Melbourne, Victoria
Burial Unknown
Cause of Death Unknown
Age at Death 63 years
Marriage Details Date & Place
  1. 30 June 1856, St. Peter's, Collingwood, Melbourne, Victoria (2)
    Celebrant was RB Dickinson, withnesses were Thomas Simpson and a person named Swan
  2. 1893, Melbourne Victoria
  1. Margaret Farr, 1838, County Tyrone, Ireland
  2. Amy Abel, born England
Children With Margaret Farr
  1. Edward Payne, 1857, Wollert, Victoria
  2. William Charles Payne, 1859, Woolert, Victoria
  3. John Henry Payne, 1861, Woolert, Victoria
  4. Elizabeth Ann Payne, 1862, Woolert, Victoria
  5. Mary Ellen Payne, 1862, Woolert, Victoria
  6. Emma Florence, 1864, Woolert, Victoria
  7. Sarah Jane, 1865, Woolert, Victoria
  8. George Cann, 1867, Woodstock, Victoria
  9. Albert Thomas, 1869, Woolert, Victoria
  10. Ann Louisa Alice, 1871, Woolert, Victoria
  11. Joseph Cotchin, 1873, Woodstock, Victoria
  12. James, 1875, Woodstock, Victoria
Occupation Initially Agricultural Labourer in Somerset and for Mr. Henty in Portland Victoria. He also classified himself as a groom. At one time he managed his brother's hotel, The Bridge Inn, in Woodstock, Victoria. He also farmed in Merang South, Victoria and later in Medland Western Australia.
Residence Compton Bishop, Somerset, Portland Victoria, Woodstock area outside Melbourne, Maylands, Western Australia and then back to Melbourne.
Religion Church of England

It is said the Mr. Henty, who owned large tracts of land in the Portland area, paid John's passage out to Australia. Though, researchers will find John listed as an Assisted Immigrant on the Public Records Office of Victoria website (3). However, looking at the actual passenger manifests shows that the Priam went to Portland not Port Phillip. Portland historians also say that Mr. Henty did not contract with immigrants prior to their arrival but met the ships as they came in.

John migrated on the Priam in 1853 with his sister RoseAnn and her husband James Templar and 3 of their 3 sons. John was 19 at the time. The following is an excerpt from First Families @ Beerik, Bruk Bruk,

"Muntham Station" Carapook & Glenorchy, Vic, Australia

John PAYNE (c.1832-?), a 19y old groom from Somersetshire, was on board the "Priam" when it arrived at Portalnd in 1852 and he was employed by Edward HENTY for 12 months. He may have been a brother of Ann PAYNE, aged 25y who was the wife of James TEMPLAR, an Agricultural Labourer who along with his family arrived on the "Priam" in 1852 and was engaged by Edward HENTY of "Muntham Station".

This excert explains why & how John moved from the Portland area where he arrived and worked for Mr. Henty. It is probable that Mr. Henty asked him to move from one part of "Muntham Station" to another.

John was illiterate as only his mark appears on his marriage certificate.

John purchased Crown Portion 16, Allotment C, Part 1 Morang South outside Melbourne. He later sold this to a Mr. Cotchin after whom his son Joseph was named. John operated 2 hotels in the Woodstock area, The Bridge Inn, Mernda and the Sir Henry Barkley which was previously owned by the Whitty Family. Interestingly, these Whittys are related to close friends of this site's webmaster, Claire Hughes. What a small world it is!!

The house below, Preston Hall, was located on the Plenty Road, Merrinda, opposite the Catholic Church. It was owned by John before 29 December 1865 when it was sold to Michael cLaughlin. It is a bluestone house with drystone walls and quarries. Would it be nice if the people in the foreground were John and his family??

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  3. Public Records Office of Victoria Website for Assisted Immigrants to Port Phillip