George Payne 1850
Name George Payne (male), aka Red Payne (2)
Birth Details Date & Place December 1850, Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset but gives Winscombe on one Vital record
Baptism 26 April, 1851, Winscombe, Somerset
Father Charles Payne, 1822, Somerset
Mother Mary Ann Palmer, 1822, Somerset
Death Details Date & Place 5 July 1926, "Summerview", Alexandra, Victoria, Australia
Burial 6 July 1926, Alexandra Cemetry, Victoria after inquest
Cause of Death Senile decay, cardiac asthma, exhaustion -- cardiac failure supposedly of 1 weeks duration. Dr. Albert J.L. Peters.
Age at Death 76 years
Marriage Details Date & Place 18 March 1872, by Licence, St. Peter's Church of England, Eastern Hill (Collingwood) Melbourne, Victoria (1) Celebrant was W. Holloway, witnesses were Zillah Payne (could be mother or sister), John Payne (illitereate but unable to tell which of the many John Payne's in the family it was).
Spouse Mary Jane Payne, abt 1854, Preston Victoria. Daughter of George Payne, uncle of her husband.
  1. George, 1873, Alexandra, Victoria
  2. Charles, 1874, Home Creek near Alexandra, Victoria
  3. Zillah Elizabeth Jane, 1876, Alexandra, Victoria
  4. John, 1877, Alexandra, Victoria
  5. Ernest Edward, 1879, Alexandra, Victoria
  6. Reuben, 1881, Gobur near Alexandra, Victoria
  7. Aaron Moses, 1883, Yarck, Victoria
  8. Phillis Maud, 1884, Yarck, Victoria
  9. Augustus Ceasar, 1885, Yarck, Victoria
  10. Nelson Gordon, 1887, Yarck, Victoria
  11. Gipsy Mary, 1889, Yarck, Victoria
  12. Blanche Lavinia, 1891, Alexandra, Victoria
  13. Jasper Budd, 1892-1892, Alexandra, Victoria
  14. Cyrus Jacob Nature, 1893, Alexandra, Victoria
  15. Silverton Silas Claude, 1894, Alexandra, Victoria
  16. Silvia Ruby Pearl, 1895-1896, Alexandra, Victoria
  17. NewYear,1897-1897, Alexandra, Victoria
  18. Maximum Noel, 1898, Alexandra, Victoria
  19. Alexandra Wilfred Bower, 1900, Alexandra, Victoria
  20. 2 further children who were not registered and did not survive
Occupation Agricultural Labourer, Grazier, Property Owner, Carrier, Storekeeper & Butcher
Residence various places in Somerset, then various places in New South Wales and Victoria before settling around the Alexandra area of Victoria in 1872 until his death.
Religion Church of England

Immigrated on Golconda to Botany Bay in August of 1858, somehow migrated to Victoria by 1862. George's father was drawn to Victoria because he already had 4 siblings in the area.

George had decided views on the way his children should behave and how they should contribute to the prosperity of the family. His daughter Phillis Maud (called Maud) wrote in her diary My father had loaded up the the spring dray with a load of Horse manure- He called me out, As he threw a bag on top of load & said get up there Maud and drive this load of manure down to the farm. My pride was hurt- the butcher said, I’m not very busy Mr Payne. I’ll take it down. Father replied You’ve got your own duties to attend to- Hop up there Maud and get going, You’ve been getting a bit conceited- Must take a bit of the starch out of you- All members of the family were expected to work in the family businesses from 7 years of age until they were married at least. If one reads between the lines of Maud's diary then a picture of a strict, strongly disciplined and close knit family emerges.

George was a builder of many of Alexandra's main buildings during the 1880s including the National Bank and many of the main shops in the town. Source Alexandra Library visit by Claire Hughes 2002

George was also a major contributor, and builder, of the Church of England in Alexandra.


Alexandra, Turn of the Century

Thomas Carison had been an important builder in the town, and to supply his constructions he operated three separate quarries for brick making between 1877 and 1884, the main one being at the corner of Rose and Nihill Streets just east of the present High School block. Another enterpreneur who engaged, amongst other interests, in building was George Payne, whose constructions included the National Bank and many of the main shops. Through the building programme of the 'eighties, and another spurt at the end of the 'nineties, the town took on much of its present-day appearance. In 1899 alone three new buildings arose:- the Freemason's Hotel (now the Alexandra), Leckie's Beehive Store and the Oddfellows Hall. A determined effort to asphalt the Grant Street footpaths soon began, for the old wooden board-walks had fallen into a dangerous state of disrepair.

From Red Gate, the story of Alexandra, copied by librarians of the Alexandra library (in the old National bank building) 2002

Aside -- Gypsy May Payne, daughter of George, laid the foundation stone of the bank in 1906.

  1. Victorian Marriage Certificate 1872/140
  2. Victorian Birth Certificate of son Charles 1874/6431