Margaret Farr
Name Margaret Farr, (female)
Birth Details Date & Place 1838, County Tyrone, Ireland
Baptism Unknown
Father Henry Farr, abt 1816, Ireland
Mother Sarah Edwards, abt 1816, Ireland
Death Details Date & Place 1888, Richmond, Melbourne, Victoria (1)
Burial 1888, Eping Cemetry near Woodstock, Victoria with daughter Sarah
Cause of Death Unknown
Age at Death 50 years
Marriage Details Date & Place

30 June 1856, St. Peter's, Collingwood, Melbourne, Victoria (2)
Celebrant was RB Dickinson, withnesses were Thomas Simpson and a person named Swan


John Edward Payne, 1832, Compton Bishop, Somerset

  1. Edward Payne, 1857, Epping, Victoria
  2. William (Charles) Payne, 1859, Woolert, Victoria
  3. John Henry Payne, 1861, Woolert, Victoria
  4. Elizabeth Ann Payne, 1862, Woolert, Victoria
  5. Mary Ellen Payne, 1862, Woolert, Victoria
  6. Emma Florence, 1864, Woolert, Victoria
  7. Sarah Jane, 1865, Woolert, Victoria
  8. George Cann, 1867, Woodstock, Victoria
  9. Albert Thomas, 1869, Woolert, Victoria
  10. Ann Louisa Alice, 1871, Woolert, Victoria
  11. Joseph Cotchin, 1873, Woodstock, Victoria
  12. James, 1875, Woodstock, Victoria
Occupation Home Duties
Residence County Tyrone Ireland, then various places in the Woodstock area before going to Upper Plenty in 1876 then Richmond at the end of her life.
Religion Church of England

Margaret was illiterate as only her mark appears on her marriage certificate.

The house below, Preston Hall, was located on the Plenty Road, Merrinda, opposite the Catholic Church. It was owned by John & Magaret before 29 December 1865 when it was sold to Michael cLaughlin. It is a bluestone house with drystone walls and quarries. Would it be nice if the people in the foreground were John and his family??

  1. Victorian Death Certificate 1888/7437
  2. Victorian Marriage Certificate 1856/1185