Debra Anne Dolgner-De L'Eyre
Name Debra Anne Dolgner-De L'Eyre, (female), aka Debby
Birth Details Date & Place 1954, Melbourne
Father Father Payne, Living
Mother Mother Smith, Living
Death Details Date & Place Living
Cause of Death  
Age at Death  
Marriage Details Date & Place 1977, Melbourne, Victoria
Spouse Philip William Wyllie, Living, divorced
  1. Christopher William, Living
  2. Lucille Anne, Living
Occupation Home duties, ministerial duties as wife of minister
Residence Melbourne, Victoria

Debby has provided most of the impetus for this website. It is her encouragement and ceaseless researching that has provided much of the informtion on this website.

Debby is a caring and loving individual who puts a great deal of effort into caring for her children and parents. She has survived some troubling time and is moving forward with confidence and ability.

Without Debby this website would not exist.

Sources Debby herself