We hope to bring together the descendants of Joel and Mary PAIN who married on 28 April 1792 in Axbridge in Somerset.   We have emphasized the pioneers of our family, the grandchildren of Joel and Mary who came to Australia with their families in the 1850s.  It is they and their descendants who inhabit our  family tree.

Our family name is explained to the best of our knowledge;  our Somerset birthplace is described and we have detailed what we know about the families who emigrated.

The large family tree includes XXX family groups comprising XXX individuals related by blood, adoption or marriage to the Pains of Somerset and the Paynes of Australia.   Many family members have contributed to this tree and we thank them all.   If you have any additions or corrections please contact one of us and we'll make any necessary changes to the website.

St. James the Great, Winscombe, Somerset
In this church many Pains were baptized and married.  From it they were buried.  It and others like it in the area formed a central part in their lives.


We, Claire Hughes, Debby Dolgner-De L'Eyre and Lindsay Brown are creating this website to record our family history and to help connect our cousins throughout the world.  We dedicate this website to the late Alan Ditcham, who with camera and tripod travelled far and wide in his efforts to keep the PAYNE spirit and the PAIN dream alive.